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We guide you for your Education, Career, Business, Health, Marriage, Compatibility, Child, Legal Matters, Puja, Vastu.

About Astrolane

Astrolane is run under the knowledge and guidance of Pandit Rama Shankar Mishra 'Acharya Ji'. Born and raised at Ayodhya in an traditional bramhan family, he completed his masters in sanskrit. He started practicing Astrology and Vaidic Rituals, under the guidance of higly spiritual saints of Ayodhya. Within few years he was honored as 'Jyotishacharya' .

Later in 1980, he started to guide people professionally through his astrological and vaidic rituals knowledge. From then, thousands of people have consulted him and got proper prediction and remedies of their problems.

Our Services

We provide guidance such as Education Analysis, Career Analysis, Business Analysis, Health Analysis, Marital Analysis, Compatibility Analysis, Child Analysis, Legal Matters, Puja, Vastu.

Education Analysis

Education is base for one's future,
if you get it right success will be yours in every aspects of life.

  • What type education is best suitable for me?
  • What type of knowledge will help me reap my full potential?
  • Want to take informed decision about your future courses?

Get a proper guidance through our Education analysis.

Career Analysis

Career provides us a sense of direction by giving our life a purpose.

It gives us a sense of satisfaction while achieving our career goals

  • Want to know which career is best suitable for me?
  • Want to know what will truly provide a satisfaction in career?

Get a proper guidance through our Career analysis.

Business Analysis

Need to make proper decision that has the potential to increaseprofits and efficiency in your business.

With our predictive business analysis get a plan for future in ways that you were not aware of.

  • Want to make informed informed decisions in your business?
  • Want to quit your 9-5 job and create a startup, confused?

Get a proper guidance through our Business analysis.

Health Analysis

Being healthy is necessary for your happiness and wellbeing.
So you can contribute to your life goals in an efficient way.

  • Want to get health alerts in advance?

Get a proper guidance through our Health analysis.

Marital Analysis

A happy married life is necessary for a peaceful and prosperous well being.

  • When will I get married?
  • Will it be an arranged marriage or a love marriage?
  • How will my married life be?

Get a proper guidance through our Marital analysis.

Compatibility Analysis

In this uncertain times, we always want to associate ourselves with like minded people, be it in your business partner or life partner.

Get a proper guidance through our Compatibility analysis.

Child Analysis

Get a proper guidance through our Child analysis.

Legal Matters

Get a proper guidance through our Legal Matters analysis.


To achieve greater health, wealth and peace, we need to perform certain vaidik rituals at certain muhurats or certain occasions known as Puja

Get your vaidic rituals done as per mentioned by the Vedas properly


A building that is made according to the rules of Vastu Shastra will give the inhabitants health, happiness, wealth and prosperity.

Only with proper knowledge and implementation of Vastu Shastra can an abode help the inhabitants to realize their true potential

Get a proper guidance through our Vastu analysis.

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